“Your personalized wellness program is designed to help you get clear on what it really means for you to be healthy and happy. We work together to set meaningful goals and take steps to upgrade your life.

Here is how it works:

You and I Zoom every other week for 3 months. That is 6 sessions total, each for up to 45 minutes, with email support in between.

It doesn’t have to be about salads and CrossFit. True health and happiness is much more individualized than what you see in the media. When you really want something and it is realistic, you are without a doubt capable of having it. Let me show you how to shift. (BUTTON) start your personalized wellness program.

Get in the know

Instead of having to check in with me, I’ll check in with you. I’ll shoot you an email only when something new comes to the site. I won’t blow up your inbox; just share the wealth of health.

Carly Knapp