When you are away from your home and your habits, making healthy choices is a challenge. BUT, you best believe there are tons of secrets and tips that can make healthy living on the road totally doable!

For the past year and a half, I have been living out of a suitcase and traveling the world learning about health and wellness in different cultures. Before this adventure, I worked in the travel industry for a decade. Like many frequent flyers, I was at the airport every week and spending half of my time away from home.

I was eating out more, working out less and definitely not my best.

I was health minded. I knew better but I couldn’t figure out how to work hard, have fun and be healthy.

So, I went back to school to be trained in health and wellness.

I have combined my personal experience with my education to help other frequent flyers like yourself learn how to travel lite!

Because you are busy and on the road, this program is designed to be long distance, so all communication will be phone and email.

Some information is pre-recorded, so you can learn my secrets at your own pace. In addition, I will talk with you directly, so I can help you in your specific situation and answer specific questions that are not cookie cutter for every frequent flyer. I can help you learn how to overcome obstacles and support you as you aim to be healthier and happier when you have to be on the road.

Every traveler’s schedule varies so I offer different programs tailored to meet your individual needs.

To request details about available programs, drop me a line here. I will send you options and we can go from there.

Being a road warrior is hard enough. Don’t Do it alone.